File path changes result in loss of play count

If one makes any changes to path of a file (e.g. renaming a file, reorganization of the music files and folder structure) the play count of the affected files is lost and is set to zero. This is unfortunate and I wonder if this could be fixed, as I would like to re-organize my music files without losing the play count.

I think that would be difficult to fix. Reason: If you change a path to a file, you basically change the whole file name. After you changed it the playcount is now linked to a filename which does not exist anymore (and of course it is set to zero, because the link is lost). Audirvana has no way of knowing in what other path (or name) you changed it, because you probably did it outside of Audirvana in Finder (if you use a Mac) or File Explorer (if you are using Windows).

In Roon and Foobar the same thing happens. If you change path names outside those programs the files are also rescanned and the play counters are set to zero.

I am afraid you have to live with that when you change your library.
It is not a bug, but a consequence of your actions, so is there something to fix?

If the music brainz identifier was to be used as a key for play counts this could be done.

Only if the ID is in the music files. Which is not the case by default :wink: I certainly did not opt-in that ‘feature’. In my case the music brainz id are in audirvana’s own database, linked to a file path/name, which means: change the pathname, and Audirvana looses all the info because the link between the file and the database is broken.

Well yes, but when you add your music file under a new file path, it will be analyzed again and its music brains id added to the DB. Then IF this ID is the same as the file you replaced (and it should be) you would retain the counts.
IF the counts were stored in a separate table keyed to the MBz ID.

Yes. That could be a possibilty, but that would require a database design in Audirvana to keep old ‘deleted’ records and copy metadata of those records to the newly scanned ones. But, you are right, that could be possible.

The real problem is that Audirvana does not have a file management feature, so that you could change the file location or filename from within Audirvana. The program that I use for managing my photo files, Adobe Lightroom, has such a feature, in which after initial import you make any desired changes to filename or file location within Lightroom itself. So it’s not impossible to do and I think this is the proper solution (especially considering the price of Audirvana). But if a quick-and-dirty solution is required for the play count problem, why not just make this an editable field? Then the user could replace the reset count to what it was before the file changes.

Outlandish as it is, have you considered using iTunes synchronisation?
As far as I am aware, on the proviso of someone else’s more competent confirmation, if you move music files in the finder while iTunes is launched, the files path is updated, apparently without loss of play count.
Do remember, I said “outlandish” :grinning:

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