File sort in the trial version

Hi, im using the trial version. I connect a external hard drive where a lot of music files are saved. There are sortet with names (last name of a composer / first & last name by solo artists). Audirvana has synchronized the files from the external hard drive but it is a confusing sort for me cause it is not the same sort as on the external hard drive - it means audirvana shows no folder tree also i find out that some files are missing - maybe due to missing metadates.

How can i add necessary metadates so that the files are shown in audirvana or is this not possible in the trial version and i have to buy the full version?

Sorry if this question was asked earlier but i haven’t found anything by using the search function.

Kind regards

Trial is fully working like the bought version.

here three pictures where you can sort your things or edit tags…
second picture look at the tag icon on the right to show the panel.

Have fun :slight_smile:

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