File synchronization problem not recognizing method 1 of file del . and add

I have the latest Aud version installed in two computers: Macbook pro and Mac mini circa 2012 with El Capitan. The file synchronization procedure with method 1 using the + and - works flaleslet
I use the latest Aud 3.5 version in both my Macbook pro and Macmini.
Howeever the synchronization in method 1 is recognized and works perfectly in the Macbook, -Mojave- but it does not in the Macmini, which did until a few weeks ago. Basically even if the field of files is empty, the application insists in still having the files showing up in the display, both in the main one and in the ipad. I even removed and reinstalled the program in the computer and still the same, with files repeated a lot. Please advise. Thanks.

this is part of a general issue with adding/removing files to watched folders. See other topics in thhis forum… Welcome to the party!! :confused: