Files hierarchy ideas from iTunes

iTunes uses a folder called Compilations to house albums that contained various artists. Audirvana doesn’t seem to like that as they are all hidden and aren’t accessible by audirvana’s search box.

Does anyone have any thoughts on ways to correct this?

Audirvana doesn’t care about the folder hierarchy. As long as the metadata is correct, you’re good.

Ahhh this is the perfect opportunity for me to ask, and look silly for not knowing, what is metadata and where do I find/change it??? Thanks for being clear with step by step instructions. Pretend I’m a 10 years old… I’m not, but, pretend anyway…

Do you want to add artists to an album or a file in Audirvana?

The most common way to organize the folders is Artist->Album->Disc 1…n.

You can edit the metadata in Audirvana directly. If you need to do some bulk editing there are numerous third party tag editors on the market, like SongKong, Jaikoz, Yate, etc…

Ok I found the metadata and how to manage it.

@bitracer-Are one of these third part tag editors better suited to make changes more quickly and with fewer keystrokes?

@Damien3-I’m not sure what to do with the Compilations folder full of songs from iTunes that has albums with various artists. Although they are there and in the folder holding my library, searching for these songs seems to be hit and miss in Audirvana.

Thanks Guys!

Yes. Some are able to fetch the metadata automatically, while others allow you to edit multiple files at once like in a spreadsheet.

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