Filter on/off slider suggestion

My first post :slightly_smiling_face: Not a question, but more of a suggestion.
I love the Audirvana, the remote application and the whole interface and functionality. Thanks for the great features!
My suggestion is about the library sort filters implementation.
For people with large music collections the filters can be extremely useful. Unfortunately, in their current version I don’t find them very handy and actually I think they duplicate the library “Search” funsction.
However, sometimes is nice to see a sorted part of the library to find a title or artist that don’t pop up immediately in your head. In my opinion this is the best use of the filters. Right now I can create a filter and add more as sub-filters, which seems good, but is not in reality because each time I want to do different sorting I need to edit the filter.
For example, if I want to see all the jazz in my library I can create filter for jazz, but then if I want to see all rock music in my library I have to edit this same filter.
It would be much better if I could create two filters - one for jazz, one for rock and then just to enable/disable the one that I want.
My point is, if you add a on/off slider besides each created filter that will be extremely useful.
Thanks again for the amazing software and interface!

… but you could use smart playlists, didn’t you tried them?

Thanks for the tip! Smart playlists do the trick!

Another thing though: I see many albums are split. For example, in classical music there are 2 pieces from different composers on the same CD. In Audirvana I see them as 2 separate albums with same cover. Is there a way Audirvana to accept my tags and keep the albums the way I organized them on my drive. With compilations is horrible - they are split basically in as many album as the tracks on the CD.
Thanks in advance! With that solved I’ll be up and running :grinning:

You can enter the same Album Artist for all the tracks of the same album

… for example could be “Various Artists”

I think ViR’s suggestion is a good one and I would appreciate that as well. I tried smart lists to create a view of all of my lossless music but I still get a very long playlist of 5100 tracks. I would prefer to have the ability to have filter stay on unless I turn them off. For example regardless of what is displayed on the browser, I would love to have my “lossless” filter permanently on while I select music so that I can restrict my views to lossless files only until I decide to switch off. As soon as I search for something, the filters turn off. What would be ideal is to have control over default filters that won’t change until one decides to. That, combined with the ability to browse one’s own folder hierarchy, would give excellent control over finding and playing music.

Is that possible?

Have you tried to use a smartplaylist with the settings to display only the track bitdepth/sample rate of your choice?

yes, I set bit rate to be greater than 325 (I’m aware I can also do it by file type such as flac etc.). however, this presents me with a list of 5100 entries for me to browse. that’s way too long to browse efficiently find what I want to listen to. If I search for an album by name using the search box while this playlist is present, the software no longer uses the playlist and the filter settings are gone. is there a way to search within a playlist without losing its settings?

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