Filtering by record label - feature request

I like to filter my albums by record label, e.g. Naxos, Linn Records, Deutsche Grammophon, Sony, Chesky Records etc.
I meticuously edit the metadata in Yate (for instance for classical music I try to add instrument, ensemble, conductor, soloist, period, style) and always add also the record label.

However, Audirvana (as of version 3.0.7) does not show or use this field. Further, the browser in the remote app is a wonderful way to filter for instrument, conductor, ensemble etc etc, but there is no option to use the record label as a filter.

I currently use a time-intensive workaround: in Yate I copy the record label field into Comments field. In Audirvana I create a smart playlist that searches for the label name in the Comments field - I have to create separate smart playlists for each record label :-/

Adding record label as a standard field in Audirvana+ metadata editor, and enabling this field as one of the filter options in the browser of the remote app is something that I would dearly appreciate.

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Yes, Label as standard field would be nice. Unfortunately library functions do not appear to be important for the developer in these days.