Filters editor : how to get "doesn't" criteria


Let’s assume I have an SSD folder called “Hyperion”.
In this folder I have albums (in folders) which name contains (starts with) “Hyperion sampler”.

How can I create a smart playlist to select albums in “Hyperion” which do NOT contain “Hyperion sampler” in the album’s name ?

Thanks beforehand for your help.

Kind regards.

Hello @PhD69,

After creating your smart playlist, have you tried this rule?

Hello Antoine,

Thank you for your answer.

This single criteria is not sufficient as I get all the albums which are in my library, except those with “Hyperion sampler” in the name.

Thus… the question is therefore still open.

Thanks beforehand for your help.

Kind regards.

After doing this, you can use the filters and you will be able to select the album you want to display

Working this way means that I have to select manually the albums I’m interested in…
This is no longer a smart playlist but a manual process.
This workaround is not satisfactory.
Why don’t we have more parameters in the “Filter selector”, particularly like “does not contain” ?

This is not implemented for the moment as we needed to prioritize things over other. We can’t give you a date when it will be available in Audirvāna Studio.

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