Filtre for 'The' before the band name

When i sort my albums in Audirvana (1.100 at this moment) i see "The Beatles on the “T” instead of the “B”. The same have i with Alan Parsons Project, it is sorted under the “T” from The Alan Parsons Project. Believe me, i have tried almost everything, but see no solution.

Maybe someone on this forum knows…I use Audirvana Origin version 1.0.6 on my Mac woth a M1 Processor on board.

Click an Artist and don’t select anything after put the tag Editor and change the sort as option as you wish…

Thanx for giving me the solution. But i changed also with an mp3Tag editor (witch works fantastic for m4a files) and remove “the” in the band-name field. Some albums are oké and with others “the” stand still for the band name. I have changed some band names using the tip you gave me, but it take a lot of time.

With regards

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