Find and eliminate duplicates

I have my music on a second drive. I have been collecting my library for a long time and I have managed to create duplicates. I also believe that duplicates are created within playback software. The result is that I have exact duplicates and I have duplicates that are the same but different audio formats. I have 50,000 files and trying to find, evaluate, and eliminate duplicates is an overwhelming task. Is there any preferred and automated apps to find and eliminate duplicates within audivarra or windows or 3rd party?

Maybe you could try this: PerfectTUNES.
You will find a tool called DeDup that removes duplicate tracks.


There are several simple ways to find duplicated files on a hard drive. But there seems to be a greater need for Audirvana to detect and organize duplicated tracks and albums in Qobuz and Tidal playlists.

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