Fingerprinter error 401

I have installed Studio in a Debian 12.5 VM running on a TrueNAS system.
I get endless errors “Audio file fingerprinter : error 401 : You do not have permission to view this directory or page.” My music filesystem is mounted with permissions from the user ID which runs audirvana.
Any ideas?

I don’t have experience with TrueNAS, so take the following for what it’s worth (probably not a lot):

  • I often see permissions problems with VMs.

  • Even if you get it working, running in a VM may not be best for sound quality. Is there an alternative where you can install Audirvana on actual hardware?

Well, if it does not run on the NAS, I have to keep my Mac mini. But the idea was to reduce the hardware running 24/7 if possible.

Can it be installed directly on the Debian-based TrueNAS Scale?

Don‘t know. I have TrueNAS Core.

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I would guess you could (I know others who have installed .deb apps directly on Scale), but of course that would be a significant change for you.

Given the issues I encountered with Audirvana on Linux I will not change a running system.

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Certainly can’t blame you for that. If it ever happens that you make the switch to Scale for some other reason, you may want to see about installing Audirvana then. I think it might work without the issues you’ve encountered here.