Firewall issue (?) - streaming issue

A recent update of Sudio displays a warning in case of firewall issues. There are no apparent issues in my Windows Defender, however, as I have checked every line of it and always authorize Studio after update installations. Moreover, the warning is timed so there’s no time to read all of what the warning says. I was going to photograph it this time, but couldn’t open my phone camera in time. I will close Studio, but the warning doesn’t reappear. I’ll have to wait until next time it shows up, who knows when.
The ensuing problem to the firewall issue (?) is no Chromecast detection. This is frustrating because that my occur even as my Chrome browser is able to detect my Chromecast devices. The problem has been going on for months. I subscribed to Studio, being a previous owner of Origin, specifically for streaming and radio integration. Customer support wasn’t able to help. My subscription runs for a few more months. But I’m looking at other options at this time. The much older JRiver, a one-time purchase with streaming and radio features included, finds my WiiM instantly and streams flawlessly - albeit not using Cast. UPnP is not an option in Studio, as radios do not play. I plan on testing Daphile next. I’m still giving Studio a chance, and would be very grateful for any ideas about how to solve this.

Maybe the 2.5.4 update released today for PC will repair that?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

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