First Impression

Audirvana Studio 1.0.0

  1. It crashed after I configured my Tidal account.
  2. There is no STOP button, so how can I reconfigure the Output Device without closing Audirvana Studio?
  3. Scrolling bug. (see video)
  4. There is no “Use system settings” in Mode, only Dark and Light options.
  5. Playing DSD64 into a 24/192 DAC makes nasty, random clicks (ticks) on the right channel.
  6. Another UI bug. (see video)
  7. Current Audirvana remote for Android won’t work (yes, we were told) and the lack of replacement is a big deal
  8. PCM to DSD results in “Error in device playback.”

there is a lock icon on bottom right to release exclusive access, or stop playing

there is no remote working now, mac or pc… they will work with both version 3.5 and Studio, when they will.

Availability of a compatible remote is a good question as today you need your computer to play music. Let’s see.

I can’t get into Artist view for my local files. Every time the app freezes, spinning beachball of death comes up and I have to force quit. While I really like the new app, it is just too buggy like 3.5

The most important people Damien needs to impress are his current and loyal customers. Part of the Audirvana family? Of all the stupid little things to not make sure it works, this one is pretty bad.

He may be an incredible coder, but a businessman he is not.


That’s why Damien strengthened the audirvana structure with Manuel who attended the live event one week ago. Let’s support them to have an app that is improving quickly.

That presentation was a disaster. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Without a competent CEO with a background in sales and marketing, Audirvana will not survive.

  1. Nice interface!

  2. Settings: Initially confusing when trying to go settings when music is playing. One has to stop the music by unlocking the padlock (which replaced the stop button). This stops the music and only then can settings be open. There should be a message to inform the user.

  3. First impression Sound quality (Macmini 2012 High Sierra, Intona USB , Kii Three) :

a) In direct mode without upsampling, it sounds like a high end cable or server upgrade! Better focus and tonality especially in the treble. Reduced sibilants in my system! Better PRAT…

b) With linear R8Brain full up sampling, treble smoother (or washed out?) and vocals can sometimes sound more natural, but the jury is still out in comparison to non upsampling. Note that my Kii Three loudspeaker system claims to have excellent built in jitter correction and resampling algorithms.

  1. Mobile app: Can’t wait.

Bottom line: For the sound quality alone, I think the subscription is worth it as an upgrade from 3.5 in relative system cost terms.

As a long time user of Audirvana and Amarra and occasional Roon (I ended my subscription on Roon in exchange for 3.5), I believe Damien’s focus on sound is the clincher for me.

However, I’ll wait out the trial month for it to get past its V1.0 stage, although considering this is a major first release, it’s quite acceptable to me.

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Thank you. I did click that and I thought it just releases the exclusive access. How intuitive from Damien…

The use of the lock on the bottom right it’s not intuitive.
Stop square button it’s a standard, can’t be missing.


Expert Mode is great. I haven’t tested if it can tell upsampled tracks but I like it. Also, with 3.5 I could never play DSD files, this time they played without a hitch (well with a minor hitch - I had to do DSD256 manually, otherwise it was transcoded to 176.4 KHz). really glad because I had to stick the HDD directly to the amp to play these in the past.

Library is taking quite some time and mine is not that big - it’s less than 10 000 tracks.

Otherwise, the bugs are expected at this time.

The lock icon is not the stop button. It turns on and off the exclusive device access.

To stop playback, use the “Play” menu or the keyboard shortcut. Yes, I would also like to see “Stop” button in the transport pane.


Hello @lucretius,

You have made a lot of post on this thread so I will try to summarize it in one response:

No, we have not merge all of the tracks,album,artist in one place, only the favorites.

If you try to play a DSD track with KS you need to enable DoP.

The analyze is for Studio to be able to retrieve the metadata when they are missing to display them in Studio, they are not added to your tracks. It can be long if you have a heavy DB.

For Radio url adding we will make more possibilities about it, for the moment you can add it to a playlist by placing it in the play queue and add the url to a playlist.

Hello @ArnoldC,

Before installing Audirvana studio, did your Audirvana 3.5 was on a NAS?

I can’t see your video, where have you sent them?

Thanks for the reply Damien.

I did enable DoP – it worked with WASAPI but not kernal streaming. In fact, with kernel streaming, I got the error: “Unable to change to integer mode”. ???

Even when the metadata is not missing, I can see that Studio is sometimes displaying its own info for “Composer” in Studio. Also, I can see that Studio cannot read multiple Composer tags.

How do you enable r8brain with Audirvana. I’ve never used and am just learning of this vs sox

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Anyone spot any differences between asio and kernal streaming? Impressions?

Hi Damien, Studio was installed on a PC that doesn’t have a previous install of 3.5. It was a “clean” installed.

As to the video, I can send it to you privately or a public host like Vimeo ok with you?

The MusicBrainz Recoding ID is most definitely added to my music files. I know it does this because I compared files analyzed by Audirvana studio to my back ups, and the backups do not have this field filled in. I am not that upset by it as it really does not affect anything but I am now wondering if it changed my files that already had that field filled in.
Also, it seems that a lot of people running Big Sur cannot get the SysOptimizer installed and we are all getting the same error. The hacks used on Catalina and previous OSes do not work. I fail to understand why this was not mentioned.
Thanks very much