First Impressions

I am new to audirvana - I have not used it on a mac. I am looking for something that will integrate with tidal and local libraries as well as DSD upsampling that I don’t have to pay for each year (i.e. I am not interested in a Roon subscription - at least not at the current price), which is why I tried this when I saw it was out. I currently use foobar - it is OK but doesn’t deal well with DSD upsampling which is something I want to try. I don’t like JRiver either.

I am giving feed back because I would like to see high quality options available and think this has the potential to be what I am looking for. I am not sure it is ready for prime time yet. I’d be happy to try it again as things get worked through, but won’t buy at this point with what I am seeing. (I downloaded the trial, so it expires, if there is a place to download betas - please let me know)

  • tracks tab - sorting doesn’t work at all Right now I have no idea how it actually creates the track list
  • artist tab - artist appear to be ordered by ?? (seems to be by level in folder - so I have 6 directories each with different sources of music, it seems to pick the first and list all artists from that, then the second - where it only list the new ones, etc.) Totally not useable.
  • artist tab - allow different grouping (e.g. by album artist) (or maybe even allow for custom tab with custom grouping)
  • TIDAL playlists - can’t add a song to a new playlist
  • TIDAL playlists - when I rename, it doesn’t show in the main pane until refreshed, doesn’t show in the left panel until I exit and start audirvana again
  • ASIO DSD upsampling - when playing a playlist that contains mutliple sample/bit rates, the speed gets distorted. E.g. output set to DSD64. Play 44/16 song, then play DSD64. Will play the DSD64 super fast. If I stop and then play the DSD64 song, it plays normal. Similar when going from DSD64 to DSD 128 - but will play the DSD128 at half speed. DAC is a Topping NX4 DSD (with XMOS XU208 USB)and its included ASIO driver.
  • WASAPI DSD upsampling - doesn’t allow me to pick DOP256 (even though supported by my dac).
  • ASIO No upsampling - big click when changes from PCM to DSD or vice-versa (doesn’t happen on foobar when using same ASIO driver)
  • tracks tab - set filter on sample rate. removed filter, switched to album view/tab, switched back and filter still applied
  • application doesn’t remember last state (window or full screen, monitor 1 or monitor 2)