[FIXED] Playback of an album stops at the end of songs

Playback stops at the end of songs when playing an album.
Plenty of free RAM (16Gb).
I have the issue on MacOS (both High Sierra and Mojave).
Audirvana version is: Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.15 (3545)

Playing back of an album without stopping between songs seems like a basic thing !!
Please fix this.


Same situation! Cannot understand the reason!

This is not new and is dealt with elsewhere. No solution though…

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Also the time counter fro the playing track doesn’t move. Like the song doesn’t start.

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Try turning off upsampling. Worked for me

Thank you for the advice! It works! It was off. I turned it on and off again, and the counter moves and the tracks follow one for another.
But I think it is a BUG and the team has to work on it.
Frankly speaking, I don’t see huge improvements in this version. It was better to stay in V3 and not to upgrade.And there is no choice, once you upgrade - no way to go back! Limitations all around!

It still works with errors. I think there is a problem in working with audio formats. It can do what it wants. No any reaction from the company! What is the purpose of this forum? No hot-line, no support. Looks like they all on vacation!

Good morning Oleg. I could not agree more ! what is the point of buying something that doesnt work and there is a cheaper version ( ie itunes) ? I too received no reply or recognition of the problem. By the way there are different forums here with same problem. They all slide down the timeline- my suspicion is to make it appear like only a few people…

The other thing you could try is unplugging all other cables apart from USB. ( I found that the Audirnvana default back to my TV output with more than one cable attached ) As I said- with the previous measure I can now hear music all the way through but in the “standard” quality with no upscaling- which is the reason I bought the software in the first place.

Ps the BOT implying that someone is watching is annoying

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Hi Oleg, hi Trickydicky, it totally agree with you. There is no Response. I have a contract when i buy something and i can expect a fix of an obvious bug. If this forum is only a fake … we should change. Looking forward to hearing from aurivana soon ….

This bug has been quite frustrating for us, as some of you are encountering it, but we have never been able to reproduce it on our test Macs. So not able to provide any satisfactory answer. How can you fix something you don’t encounter?
Maybe it was something linked to a specific CPU/OS combination?

The good news is that thanks to a user who was able to reproduce it easily, and was of great help testing instrumented versions, we have been able to find a culprit, and fix it!

You can now get the 3.5.16 that contains the fix by using the “Check for updates…” command of the Audirvana menu.

@Damien Yes, thanks for the fix !!!, I had the issue on 2 different CPU/OS combinations (including latest hexa core chips).

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Thanks for the confirmation this is fixed. I’m then now closing this thread as fixed.