Network player stopping playback at end of each track

No, still the same situation on 3.5.16. It works on “built-in output” with different audio options (Upsampling deactivate, or other). But if I try to switch to Network device (I have GoldNote IS-1000) it can stop playing after first track again. And in this case I see that no song timer is moving, stops on 00:00. And it is unstable. Sometimes it can work with Network device, but if you switch back to build-in speakers it will stop again. And to start it I need to make some changes with UPSAMPLING and start to play again (with built-in output). Please test the software with Network device.

I’ve moved your last post to its specific thread as this is a different issue:
Some network players using the same network interface have a bug regarding the UPnP Media Renderer implementation. In a nutshell they are not correctly reporting their current playback state.
I am in contact with the network interface supplier for getting them to issue a firmware update completing fixing this issue.
As this is a real issue for the end users, I’ve looked for and found a way to implement a workaround to avoid you from waiting for this firmware update for your network player.
It is already available in the latest 3.5 beta for Windows, and will be available for testing on Audirvana for Mac later today, or tomorrow.
Stay tuned…

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Thank you for the support and explanation!
My main frustration - it worked with 3.1 version with not a single problem, same configuration.

Have you got any firmware update of your network player in the meantime?
Anyway, I have found the time to complete the workaround for Mac.
Can you test this pre-release build ( It is available from this link

YES! Now it works properly! Thank you once again for swift response. I will test it more. But it looks like everything is fine now.
Does it mean that GOLDNOTE software has a bug they need to fix, isn’t it?

That’s why I continue to be in contact with the supplier of those network interfaces.

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I have had this problem with Ultra Rendu for months. Would now say it’s not worth the time and effort to try and get the thing working. Will sell the Rendu.

Even if it did work then Fabfilter AU’s don’t work in Audirvana MPD/DNLA.

Resorted to Dante dongle and lower sampling rate (no DSD), but the Fabfilter AU’s make up for the loss in other ways.

Anyone want to buy a virtually unused ULTRA Rendu and LPS1 supply?


I would like to report some issues I found while I was using your Audirvana and Lumin U1 Mini.

My audio setup: Audirvana 3.5.16 on Mac mini -> WIFI Internet router -> Lumin U1 Mini (most current firmware) -> Chord Dac -> amp/speakers

I found that when I try to play the next song (either directly click the next song I want or click forward button) without stopping the current playing song COMPLETELY it behaves very strangely. It plays the front part of the song repeatedly and all of a sudden start making constant static noise only. However, if I stop the current song and play the next song it plays perfectly fine. It happens when I playback local files or Tidal. No same issues, if I playback Tidal from Lumin app though.

I have compared Audirvana+Lumin and Lumin only and found Audirvana+Lumin sounds much better. I really want to use Audirvana along with Lumin. Audirvana 3.5.x sound improved a lot compared to older version I think.

I hope you can fix this issue on the next firmware release.


This static noise looks like a bug on Lumin’s firmware.
FYI, when playing Tidal from Luminary’s app, it is not using UPnP, but direct connection to TIDAL from the Luminary’s network player.
Have you reported this issue to Lumin, and ask them if they have a firmware update fixing this track change issue in UPnP Media Renderer mode?

I have experienced similar problems with Windows 10 version 3.5.3 If I use upsampling to DSD64 or 128, playback will usually stop after each track and if it does go onward it stutters for a few seconds. I am using OPPO 205 via wifi. The device shows up as UPnP network player. If don’t upsample there is no problem. Note: this problem started when I one time used the laptop’s internal system to play via headphones on the headphone/speaker socket. I have now disabled the speaker output but this makes no difference.

If you have an issue using upsampling then that means your Oppo have some trouble for handling this and you should contact Oppo to know if they have a fix for it.

Thanks Damien. I think I may have an answer - after much trial and error. I think in my case it is a bandwidth problem. I have now tried a network cable instead of wireless and the problem does not occur. I am not sure why. Oddly playing files stored on the laptop never caused this, even when upsampling. The problem only occurred when streaming from Qobuz. My guess is that having to import the stream from Qobuz then re- sending the upsampled version over wifi is just taking too much bandwidth for the wifi to handle.