FLAC Files not displayed as MQA


I have tested Audirvana 3.5 with some MQA Files.
All the downloaded mqa test files (e.g. David Elias - The Window - Vision Of Her (352.8 kHz).mqa.flac) are correct displayed as mqa.
But my self ripped flac file ist only 16/44.1
I ripped the CD with dbpoweramp (latest Version)

The original CD (Queen: Greatest Hits (+ Bonus) (UHQCD/MQA-CD)) audio files are additionally mqa coded.

How can I correctly rip the CD to get flac files also mqa coded?

Aktually, I have no MQA ready DAC inbstalled, but the files should be displayed as MQA, right?
The downloaded files are correct

Many thanks!!!


Change the file extension to .mqa.flac.

Hello @Mephisto1111, does your ripped files from Queen: Greatest Hits are all with .mqa.flac at the end?

Yes, super!
That works: rename the files to .mqa.flac

Many thanks at all!!!

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