Flag tracks to be skipped (bonus tracks for ex.)

Like many, I have CDs with bonus tracks or bonus CDs. These tracks can be alternate editions, stereo remasters etc. and aren’t meant to be played unless we specifically want to.
Wouldn’t it be great if we could flag those bonus tracks so they are automatically skipped when we play an album or enter shuffle mode ?

Many anniversary editions retain the best sound for legacy content, and you know what comes with those anniversary editions… so… I have to remove those bonus tracks from the queue, each time. This also could be useful to flag some tracks we just don’t like… I love progressive rock but there’s always a track where the keyboard feels like trying all the sound fonts of his synth while the drummer is testing human resilience to annoyance, and I don’t always remember which track is it :stuck_out_tongue:
The icon could be something like “>>”

Thanks :relaxed:

This post was a response to RunHomeSlow’s. Since he deleted it, here are some extra infos (that you can skip :stuck_out_tongue: ) about this request :

Why would you want this ?
While all those bonus tracks are an interesting addition, they are not part of the album. Just like I don’t expect a movie to play the deleted scenes right after the final shot, I don’t expect bonus tracks to meddle with an album’s identity.

Does it already exist ?
iTunes / Music.app features an option to discard tracks in shuffle mode (which is labelled “Skip when shuffling”). I think this could be implemented and improved in Audirvana.
Some media players identify keywords in file names to apply a filter (such as not including them in the DB, put them in a special section of the main media they’re attached to etc.). I suppose it’d be wiser to use metadata scan or custom DB attributes.

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Not easy to do, but…

Didn’t see this was in user voice thread,
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