Folder length limited?


I’ve been having Audirvana for two months and I’m very happy about the software (now the new version 3).
At the weekend I’ve just realized a behaviour I can’t explain myself whether it is a bug, a wrong preference on my system or anything I didn’t find in the manual. Maybe someone can help me.
My library is on an external USB drive (Mac OS extended/ journaled). I realized that some albums were missing in Audirvana, even the folder/music existed on the drive (each album has it’s own folder). After some tries I found out that my Audirvana installation only shows folders that are not longer than approximately 60 letters. My ripping tool creates folder names automatically, especially classic folder are sometimes very long.

One example:
not detected: “Wiener_Akademie_Martin_Haselbock-Beethoven_Symphonies_1_2_Resound_Collection”
detected: “Wiener_Akademie_Martin_Haselbock-Beethoven_Symphonies_1_2”

This limit is not valid for the name of the sound files, I have some strange file names that are longer than 60 letters. These files are recognized by Audirvana.
I’ve just shorten the folder names manually but I would like to avoid. Any idea what I can do or is it a “feature” I should accept :slight_smile:

Thank you