Folder split his files in all the albums menu library

I don’t know if I’m the only one with this problem, or if it was already discussed, but how I didn’t find something similar, I stardet this thread.
So, my problem is that if I have let’s say 50 files in a folder, when I import this folder in the album library his files are appearing in all the places. The files ar not be readed in one single place, but I find them separately, one here, one there etc.
In short: when I click “play” on folder image, it show only few files inside, the amount of the inside showing files are random, and the other files as I said, I find them in different other places, each one alone.

In other players I don’t have this problem, (AIMP, Foobar2000 etc), if I put one folder with 100 files inside, 100 files it show me that that folder it have, they stay together all 100.

Is there a setting or something to solve this annoying problem?

Oh, and excuse please my english, is not quite my native language.

Thank you

Audirvana is sorting data using track’s metadata, yours are probably wrong (happens when you collect files from many different sources or downloads).
To solve this issue, you will have to gather all tracks from a single album and manually enter the album name in the appropriate field (open the metadata window from the top menu). There are also third party software that edit metadata, but I never used them. Check in this forum , you will find out.

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Thank you very much.
You understood very well what I wanted to say, and your answer makes me a logical situation.I’ll see what can I do from what you teach me to do.

Again, thank you for this good answer