Forced to sign in each session

Each time I open AO I am asked to sign in.

I am also having this issue as well as being required to change my password


I did absolutely nothing and suddenly no need for the password requirement. I had to start and stop many times because I’m rebuilding my library.

I’m now walking around and turning on-and-off all my naughty appliances and telling them to do what AO does.


Hi @Antoine

The issue resurfaced after switching back to Studio because although I want to buy Origin (I never stream or radio) but pay day is out of sync with end of Origin trial… (15 days is not enough in my opinion.)

So… I then logged out of everything. I then logged into account and deauthorised everything.

NOW usi g Studio (expiring in June 6)

Still having to sign in every session.

I’ve used Audirvana 3.5 and Studio for years… never had this issue.

What am I doing wrong?


Hi @Antoine

Just purchased Origin (loving it of course, very elegant) and old signin issue arises at every start.

Hello @philipjohnson,

Can you disconnect and then reconnect your account? To do this you need to go to Audirvāna Origin settings, My Account section.

Yes. I have done that several times. I am still asked to sign in each time I start Origin.

Are you on Windows or MacOS?


Hi @Antoine

I’ve logged out / deauthoriseda a few times to no avail.

Last time this happened it righted itself without any intervention so I’ll give it a few days.


Same thing this morning… I’ll disconnect t and leave it a few hours. See if that works.

Hi @Antoine

Found the issue. After resetting the Key chain Access the sign in each session has gone.

Thanks for help


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What does " resetting the Key chain Access " mean?



It only applies on a Mac computer:

Thanks, yeah, I’m on a Mac, but that’s a pretty extreme way to fix it. Can we just remove the one keychain entry?

Yes please help if you know more than I do. I found resetting solved my problem.

Yes, the one related to Audirvana.

I am on Windows 10 and still have to sign in each time I log in, is there not a way to sign in automatically?

Hi @p147

I’m not a Windows man for Audirvana. However, I am sure it is some configuration with your computer (as is frequently the case for my problems) and unplugging, rebooting and praying done times (often) rights the wrong.

Have you tried resetting the “Key chain Access”? Is that a Windows thing in your utilities?

Again, I am not in your shoes. Annoying as it is is, sometimes I simply uninstall and set up all over again. This usually “resets” and the issues go away. This is not my advice to you but it is what I do.

Speak directly to support with log. Try this email


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There is no key chain access in Windows. Key chain is a typical Mac thing.

What probably will help in Windows:

  • Start Audirvana and log in.
  • go in Audirvana to the account settings and disconnect.
  • reboot Audirvana and login again.

This helped for a lot of Windows users who had this issue.