Forced to use the Google play store app for Android!

I originally purchased the Audirvana app via Google Play Store however I now have a privacy focused distros (GrapheneOS) that doesn’t permit spyware like Google apps.

I can download the app from Auroa Store but it says " this application is not licensed. Please download it from Google Play Store"

What do I do, don’t want Google!

Aurdirvana should be made available as a working apk file for use directly from the Audirvana website or another open source provider.

Is it possible to download the Android .apk file from

I currently have legacy version 3.5.46 on Win10
But unable to use the Audirvana Remote Android app unless it comes from Google Play Store

Have you tried with the new Remote app? Not the one you purchased. The new Remote is free, so you might have better luck.

If that doesn’t work, you may want to try the Play sandbox:

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