Found bug concerning track titles reading from .cue files

I will try to be as simple as I can be.

I want to point out that some titles are not showing in audirvana origin (2.0 mac version) reading from .cue files and it looks like that:

I discovered (opening .cue file in text editor) that in this original .cue file where many “” signs in TITLE column:

When I change the “” marks to just one at the begining of the title and one at the end such as this:

it seems to be working:

Still there are some programs for instance like foobar2000 that doesn’t seem to have this issue with .cue files. Look:

All the “” marks in foobar are inside the title name, just like in the original .cue file.
Would it be possible to consider change in reading .cue files so that all the “” marks that are there are going to be displayed by audirvana origin?

Looking forward to your reply.
Thanks for such amazing program. Keep up! Best wishes!

Hello @yabba,

Have you tried to put back again in the title “Freue dich, erlöst Schar” to check if it is displayed in Audirvāna Origin?

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