Free Trial of Tidal and Qubuz?

I have just bought Audivarna Plus and I am wondering when and how I will receive my vouchers for Tidal and Qubuz?

I don’t use it, but just open A+ preferences panel… go to streaming tab, then… Get it now button.

So I have set up Tidal & Qobuz but although Tidal is working fine, the Qobuz tracks remain greyed-out. Any ideas?

I have not had much to do with streaming services either up till now but then again I have never really had much to do with them. I thought this was my chance! :smiley:

Where are you located? Qobuz is available only in some Western Europe countries.

In the UK. I can see the tracks but they remain greyed-out.

on all albums?
There are some where Qobuz can only sell them, but has not the right to stream them.

All albums. I got this reply from their support:

You do not have an active subscription, that’s why you cannot playback the music.
Maybe you were disconnected when entering your voucher code?

In fact, a payment imprint will be requested (but you will not be charged).
If you are not satisfied with the service, you can unsubscribe at any time (during this trial period).

So the ‘Get it Now’ simply didn’t work.

Had completed the voucher process to the end?
After having clicked on “Get it Now”, you get the voucher retrieved notification, and then you click on “Go to sign up page” where you create your new Qobuz account that has the extended trial version.

Yes I followed those steps. I am not sure that got the ‘voucher retrieved notification’. I signed up though.

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