Fresh connecting problems under WIN 10 :-(


Some days ago my Audirvana Remote App refused to establish contact with my laptop. At first the app at least seems to try to connect, but actually I get the »Can’t-connect«-screen right from the start. See screenshot.

I checked everything I can think of, even reinstalled the app several times, without any success.

OS is Windows 10 64 bit

Thanks for any help!

Hello @Audi100,

Can you check your firewall settings? In Settings > Update and Security > Windows Security > Firewall and Network Protection > Allow an application through firewall, make sure that Audirvana is allowed to access the network.

Restart your WiFi router because it may have a problem transmitting the connection used by Audirvana Remote (Like the Apple Remote app that controls iTunes, which can be blocked for the same reasons)

Thanks, the router restart did the trick. Although I’m sure that I tried even that before. Well, it works now, that’s what counts :slightly_smiling_face:

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