From 24 Bit to 64 Bit and back

Hello Together,
I am sure this is a newbie question…
The Song is FLAC 96KHz/24Bit but is is shown as converted to 64 / 96
and then back to 24/96

Do I need to read something about FLAC & Co :grimacing::thinking:


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That’s just internal handling. No funky business going in here.

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The flac file remains 24 bit. The part of Audirvana where the DSP is applied is 64bit. This allows for more potential headroom and signal-to-noise ratio.

If no DSP is applied, at the end the exact same bits that went in will roll out of this 64bit bus again.

You probably have a 24 bit DAC. With a 32-bit DAC, a 32-bit stream goes to the DAC, but this remains exactly the same data only in a different environment.


Thank you! :hugs:
I have a further question

Currently I have Two setups

  1. Windows 10 - Mytek 8x192 Firewire DIO

  2. IMac - the same as above

The Mytek can handle DSD 128 (at least it is printed on the front and Audirvāna detects it)

In The Windows setup Audirvāna converts to 176,4 and I can hear the Music

In the iMac setup Audirvāna does not convert, but Mytek still displays 176,4 and no sound (very low volume with noise)

On Windows, did you try ASIO?

On Mac, did you try DoP?


On Windows you can also try DoP with WASAPI or kernel streaming. It will only do DSD 64 with DOP. In ASIO you can use the DSD 128

@Jacob does he need dac to be set to 100% volume like my oppo?

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Volume level 100% :+1:

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Windows 10 I use ASIO

Mac - I have only one option

No choice of driver on Mac is normal , run Audirvana volume at 100%

Does firewire support DSD or do you need usb? @Jacob Help !

Volume 100% and DSD 64 and 128 is detected in Audirvāna

Can you try usb into dac easily ?

But Audirvana shows it 128 256 I’m not sure

I just read in the Mytek 8x192 manual that there exists a special DSD IO card.
Ok … I dont have this card … but Windows 10 with ASIO just makes it easy by converting to 176,4 PCM

I dont have an USB IO card. :weary:

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I bought a discontinued and lightly used Mytek Stereo192-DSD DAC as I’ve always wanted to try one out. This one showed up on Audiogon for just over 1/4 the original MSRP so I snapped it up.

This early DSD DAC requires a manufacturer supplied USB driver for PC -AND- Mac but their driver is developed by a third party and Mytek customer support told me it’s been a challenge getting a newer USB driver written for Mac OS 10.11.x “El Capitan”, the current Mac OS X release. They offered to send me a workaround until the driver was done.

The Thunderbolt-to-Firewire adapter arrived today all the way from Poland! I had no idea I was dealing with Mytek support clear across the globe.

I wanted the try the DAC on my wife’s MacBook Pro which doesn’t have a Firewire port (and the USB driver for Mac OS X 10.11 isn’t done) so this Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter worked out perfectly. The Mytek also has a Firewire input. I was very surprised at how responsive the folks at Mytek were. I interacted with them via their customer service website and email, and they didn’t even care that I wasn’t the original owner of the DAC. Great customer support!

Mytek Stereo192-DSD DAC via Firewire on the Mac Mini

Google search dsd via firewire and this pops up near top Driver for Mac new to me

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