Functional problems of AS / AO

Here is the difference:

I opened an album without clicking on a track, the artists you see are Album Artists:

And here is a track i clicked on:

If you are in the track view, it’s the case but as soon as you click on the album, you are not in the playlist anymore.

This is a special view just for composers that do not exist in Studio.

Do I understand you correctly? I open a playlist in album view. Clicking on an album, I leave my playlist?
If yes: What is the sense of playlists, if they don’t work in album view? AS would be the first player I know, that works this way.
A 3.5 had this feature. This would be a backward step in AS.

Sorry @Antoine, the layout is different but the function is identical.
In AS I search for Debussy, then I choose the section “Componist”, what makes the albums show up. Opening such an album with different componists should show only tracks of Debussy.

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Please send a link to me: My database is more than 20MB

I will talk about this with Damien to see if it’s a bug of Studio.

How I understand and use it. A playlist consists of tracks but not albums. But the tracks are of course on albums. If I want to know which album a track is on, I switch to album view and then I can decide to listen to that album instead of continuing with the playlist.

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Thank you @Jacob: I’m more an optical type. By seeing a cover it’s easier for me to find my music.

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I get what you mean.

Not every change is an improvement. Sometimes it takes a few iterations to get it right.

Dear Antoine,

I must confess I very strongly disagree with your statement.
What does not make sense when searching music on a criterion as “composer” is to have the result of the search show things that do not satisfy the criterion.

o99 is absolutely right when complaining about “non Debussy” tracks appearing when an album is opened that may contain just one track composed by Debussy.
That, and that alone does not make sense at all.

An equivalent search in iTunes or Music, for example, displays albums that can be opened to display only the tracks relevant to the criterion within the albums.
Audirvana in that respect seeks to reinvent the wheel, and a square one it is…

I doubled checked on 3.5 after his last post about this and it’s filtering in the album in 3.5. This is why I said I will talk about it with Damien since Studio behave different than 3.5.

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Thank you!

Thank you for your clarification, I clearly misunderstood your previous comment

I did it as you proposed: much easier if you want to choose only 1 parameter. In my playlist I integrated more than 1 parameter. Then your solution doesn’t work and you have to do it my way.

Interestingly in Filters of the panel below “Artist” and “Album Artist” exist, although “Album Artist” does not exist as ID3 tag in the Info panel of a track.
In the upper panel you only have Album-Artist (German Version). That’s inconsistent.

I’d also recommend you re-prioritise this - surely it’s a simple ‘do or don’t on launch’ option with a ‘restart next time’ if not complete when the app is terminated?

My major concern is that for me (and I suspect many), AS runs on a computer which is often wireless with very slow NAS access compared to directly attached storage such that fingerprinting tracks on the NAS takes ages. It may be 1 Gbps networking theoretically (when on ethernet) but far less in practice or on wi-fi.

Please also consider that as SSDs replace hard drives as primary drives in computers capacity currently is very low compared to equivalent priced mechanical drives such that people need a conventional NAS or external drives to store media.

A NAS is fine for access and playback of audio files but not for extensive fingerprinting of hundreds of GB if not several TB of downloaded audio over the average consumer LAN assuming fingerprinting reads the whole file, especially when hi-res. It would make far more sense to ‘fingerprint on demand/playback’ than hogging LAN bandwidth when not necessary.

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New Problems

The sorting inside a playlist is not yet fully developed. If I sort in track view with album as sort criterion, it would be practical, that AS sorts the tracks in order of their track number (according to my choice: lowest first or highest first).
Parallely this should work for other criteria:
componist - album - tracknumber works
artist - album - tracknumber doesn’t work
Maybe there are others to check.

Example of 1 album:

In search results for Artist or Composer it’s not possible to choose between Album view and Track view. Also it’s not possible to choose all albums with Cmd-A.

The sorting issue you are talking about are with the playlist Klassik Klassik in your database?

That’s the case with any search result and it’s normal as we only display the Album of the artist or composer, you need to click on a album to see the tracks inside of it.

It’s also normal since you can’t select multiple albums in Studio.

Yes, but also in other playlists.

Yes, at the moment AS works like this. If for example I want to add all albums of a composer to a playlist, this feature is needed. Or should I open every album, choose all tracks, add them, then go back to the search result, open the the next album …? If I have 20 albums for 1 composer, this way is much too complicate and uses hours of work.

Yes, but it is needed: see answer above.

When you click on see all of the search of album, each album can be added to a playlist, you need to hover your mouse over an album and click on the three dot to do this.