Functional problems of AS / AO

Functional problems

  • Even if hundreds of posts wish, that audio fingerprinting is only on demand - with many many good reasons - this choice is still not implemented. Sorry, developpers: please take your customers seriously.

  • The OR functionality does not work correctly in smart playlists: Albums with several composers are not splitted in the tracks that are belonging to the searched criteria. Example: An album contains works of Mozart and Brahms. Only Brahms is searched, but the tracks of Mozart are included as well in the playlist.

  • As others already mentioned: It would be helpful to be able to add as many playlists as wished to the sidebar and make the sidebar scrollable instead of positioning the playlist window on top (looks awful). A 3.5 did a better solution in that topic.

  • Adding tracks / albums to a playlist: AS adds adds now tracks to a playlist if they do not exist already in that playlist. More sophisticated and helpful would be, if AS

  1. detects, if any of the tracks, that should be added to the playlist already exist there

  2. then shows a dialogue with the following possibilities: escape, add all, add only new tracks

  3. then add the tracks according to the selection in the dialogue or do nothing (escape)

Why? Sometimes you need a playlist where every track exists only once. Sometimes you need a playlist where some tracks exist several times.

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We may add this in the future but we are not doing this at the moment.

Can you send a screenshot of what you are describing?

The playlists are a all listed only in the playlist manager and for the moment as the playlists in the sidebar are considered as shortcuts only.

We will see if we can do this in a future update of Studio.

Dear Antoine,

May I politely insist that Audirvana reconsiders the priority given to this topic.
I consider this topic to be a matter of “when” as in “soon” rather than “if”, and I am afraid I take exception to your rather dismissive reply to o99 in that specific respect.

I cannot hide my great dissatisfaction at the fashion MusicBrainz has absolutely messed up years of informed and considered curation of music files metadata.
Should I point out to you that many others do too?


Thank you @Grwfsywash
That’s also a big problem for me: This function messed up my library. Hours and hours of work.
@Antoine: Please add the possibility to choose fast

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I checked the problem again: In list view, it works correctly. In album view all tracks are shown. Correct would be, that AS only shows the tracks belonging to the criteria of the intelligent playlist, but exclude the tracks not belonging to the criteria.

All these library management issues are a serious problem for classical music. They keep me on a stand-by position, waiting for an improved library management in order to subscribe to AS.

The difficulties you point to were already experienced with A3.5.
It is most likely that A3.5 is now a retired iteration of Audirvana, bar the odd bug fix.

Audirvana Studio’s turn towards any online streaming music source is plain to see as any “local” music is relegated to the last and lowest position to the left hand side.
No option to order the different sections seems to be forthcoming.
It feels like 128kbps streams of music or podcasts seem more important to Audirvana than HiRes downloads :roll_eyes:

Also, any search result does not prioritise local music at all, leaving the display offering a mangle of redundant results mixing without any coherence online results and local sources…
This seems to suggest that your most excellent suggestion will probably be poo-pooed with the same disdain as some of your other comments have been so far.

Annual subscription renewal time will probably come sooner that the implementations of such suggestions, the smugness may then change side…

In earlier versions you could use iTunes as the library manager, whereas Audirvana played back “bitperfect sound”. Was it version 3.5, when the company decided to handle the library itself with the implementation of streaming portals? Since then the complaints about bugs in the library management and with streaming do not cease. Eliminating them seems to be almost impossible.
The implementation of streeming is a nice idea, but as you point it out @Grwfsywash, the user should be able to have options to design the layout of AS on his priorities.
We don’t know, if the company has contracts with streaming portals or MusicBrainz, that hinder Audirvana to sort things out in the way countless users propose.
My subscription goes for 1 year. If the basic features do not work till then, I will make a pause and wait like @Doudou.

Ho @o99 ,
You can still use iTunes (now Music) as a library manager with AS in an integrated mode. Audirvana kept this feature in AS. But it is limited to the file formats that Music supports, which excludes DSF, FLAC, etc. And in this mode, there’s a drop in sound quality vs the main mode.

I agree 100%, we should be able to select and organise the sections

We should be able to choose the general priority of search engine and hazve this choice memorized.

The same problem occurs in album view in search results. With compilations albums AS shows all tracks instead of only the searched.

Can you send me a screenshot of your playlist rules?

Again I need a screenshot to understand what you are talking about to reproduce it on my side. What is the “Album view” you are talking about in search results?

Thank you for asking again: Here are the screenshots.

  1. Search criteria (excerpt) for an Intelligent Playlist
  2. 1 example of an album with tracks not contained in the search criteria (Mozart). I opened the album in the album view of this Intelligent Playlist

I searched for Debussy
1st screenshot: What AS can find

2nd screenshot: I clicked “Show all” in the “Album” section
New problem: it doesn’t find all albums that the “Componist” section finds

3rd screenshot: I clicked on the section “Componist” Claude Debussy
These are all albums containing tracks of Debussy
AS divids in 2 sections: The album below has an ID3 tag “Album Artist” with the value “Various Artists” and an ID3 tag “Is part of a compilation” (as mentioned earlier: both tags don’t exist in AS). The title of this section should be: “Compilations of this componist”, in German: “Kompilationen für diesen Komponisten”
The albums on top have an empty ID3 tag “Album Artist”. and no ID3 tag “Is part of a compilation”. The title of this section is not translated in adequate German. Better would be “Lokale Alben dieses Komponisten” (The componist is indicated on top)

4th screenshot: I chose 1 album out of “show all” in the section “Album”. It contains tracks of Ravel

5th screenshot: I chose 1 album (a compilation in the section below) of the section “Componist”
It shows tracks not composed by Debussy
New problem: The layout is not correct: You can’t scroll to see all tracks below the album, but you have the whole album in a second container, which you can scroll. Look at the 2 scrollbars on the right.
This problem only exists with albums that are a compilation. “Normal” albums function correctly

Why you have 49+ rules? Are they all about a Komponist? It would be better to use filters in your case.

As mentioned earlier, the Album Artist exist but the compilation doesn’t. If you open an album and you take a look at it’s metadata, the artist you see in the panel are Albums artists.

The album contains the Komponist Debussy, we will not hide the other Komponist of the album, it would not make any sense to do this since you opened the album.

Same as the answer for the 4th screenshot.

At this point I think I will need your database file to really see what is going on and answer you. If the file is more than 20 MB I can give you a link to upload it.

To go to this file with the Finder:

  1.  Open its Go menu
  2.  Press and hold the option (or alt) key. This brings up the Library folder in this Go menu.
  3.  Click on this Library folder
  4.  In the Finder window that opens, navigate to Application Support, then Audirvana
  5.  There you will find the file AudirvanaDatabase.sqlite

Thank you for your fast answer.
Yes, 1 rule per componist. So AS sorts every track in this case for romantic componists.
How would be the filter solution?

The filters are better because you can do a multiple selection of values:

Sorry @Antoine, the Album Artist doesn’t exist in AS. Or I don’t understand, what you mean.
3 screenshots from AS, iTunes and Yate, which both have an Album Artist:

Again I can’t agree: If I open the album in the whole library selection, that would be true.
Because I’m in a playlist, which should show me a certain selection, AS should show exactly that selection. Here a screenshot from iTunes from the album with Debussy / Ravel tracks: