Galaxy s20 not working with remote app

hello, I have a Samsung galaxy s20 with audirvana remote but it does not work, when I open the application it does not see any device, from the PC I have enabled the firewall to the app also they are connected to the same 2,4ghz network. Instead I tried to download the remote on the iPhone x and it works great. At this point I assume it’s a Samsung problem, what should I do? is there any option to activate on the tel?

Hello @Ruspamen,

Can you go in Audirvana settings>Miscellaneous, can you enable the settings to use the older version of the connection process for the Remote?

in the phone app it does not let me go to any setting because I only get the screen that there is no connection with no possibility to do anything, what do you say I should do it from the computer?

This setting is in Audirvana in your computer, not in the Remote.

ok then i try to see if i can do it from pc

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