Gapless or not gapless

I tried to play a complete opera using AS connected to a Marantz NA11-S1.
==> There is a gap between tracks.

Played the same opera using mconnectHD with the same Marantz NA11-S1
==> No gap, gapless as expected.

MconnectHD is configure with the option “Gapless by renderer”.

Why it does not work with AS?

That’s an excellent question that’s been unanswered for some time now, perhaps you should ask @Antoine for some assistance. If you are using UPNP/Ethernet you probably have a 50/50 chance perhaps of proper playback.

Do a search for gapless in the forum.

Thanks OffRode,
I did that and noticed that the topic on gapless mode was far from being totally clear.
That’s why I decided to post something on my personal experience on this.

Just to increase confusion on this topic, I noticed that using my TotalDac Server with UpNp, it works in gapless mode with AS playing the very same album, with the same configuration (apart from the renderer which of course is different)
That leads to the following conclusion: implementation of the UpNp protocol on my Marantz NA11-S1 is far from being perfect!! Unfortunately, it does seem that an update exist.

I’ll try to play around with the different configuration parameters, just to see if I find something that is worth to be posted here.

Too bad.


Your conclusions are correct, some have luck after some firmware update, I have a Denon AVR that works great gapless but my two Oppo units are big fails. With Studio usb is really the only thing that works reliably IMO

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