Gapless Playback Errors

I was playing Sam Cooke’s “One Night Stand” live album on Qobuz and while I was having a lot of fun with the music, I noticed after song 2 that the music randomly cut to the next song… the album is clearly gapless, so I was missing important conversations that helped make the show so great… I tried to immediately go back to the last song and play the very end to see… but when I did it the system just completely crashed on me and I had to restart…

I know I don’t have the most powerful laptop (6GB of RAM but plan to upgrade, Ryzen 5 3500 CPU), but in Roon, I can clearly do the same level of upsampling I was doing (power of 2 to 384 and ReplayGain), so I feel like there is just a major glitch in this system that needs to be fixed as this is clearly an error

the only other major issue was that despite having the Ifi hipdac Audirvana didn’t detect it was an MQA renderer