Getting BPM and DR metadata

Still trying to fill in these columns, where missing (sorry for repeat question here). I found one work around: I download albums first into JRMC, which I use for ripping, cataloguing, archiving. It always adds BPM and DR details consistently. If BPM and DR are missing in AO, I can award each track in JRMC a five-star rating. When AO syncs this change, it also adds DR and BPM (!). I go back into JRMC and erase the five-star rating and, bingo!, BPM and DR data remain in AO. Seems a bit strange, but it sort of works. However, it doesn’t work every time. So, question is, how to fill in the DR and BPM data for albums that are missing this info?

Click an album or just a song then put info panel, third tab and compute or recompute the album or just a song. Or go in preferences… library tab and start replay gain analysis it will show you all album that are not analyze yet in your database

Yes, I’ve done both those options. They do DR but not BPM. I can get BPM by using the method I mentioned (JRMC, album-by-album), but is there a more straightforward way?

Not yet in Audirvana that i know

If you use a Mac, I recommend this app for BPM:

Thanks for the tip (I’m on Windows though). Funny thing is, when I add a new album to JRMC, it automatically (since I set it up this way) analyzes for DR and BPM. Today, I tried the procedure again: perfect score for JRMC, and then I opened AO…it copied over the albums plus everything else, images and stuff, PLUS DR and BPM! When it works, it works great, If I have albums for which it did not work, I haven’t found a way to update the data after the fact(only DR, as mentioned).

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