Getting Sonore MicroRendu Recognized on Network

I read in tutorials that Audionirvana wants the device on the same network without a router in-between. Per Sonore, I have my control PC and my MicroRendu connected through a router. This is the setup I use with Roon. What is the workaround? How would I even go about getting the device on the same network without the router? There are not multiple ethernet ports on the modem.

Same network means the same network segment. If the router has a built in switch, as most of them do, it’s considered the same segment. So if you plug all your devices to the router, you’re still in the same network as long as all devices are contacted to the switch ports of the router. These ports are typically marked as LAN.

BTW, WiFi also counts as a same network (segment).

Thanks for that. That means that my control PC and MicroRendu are indeed on the same network segment, Audionirvana is just not recognizing the device (MicroRendu). When I pull up my router’s admin both devices are listed as ethernet connected clients. In Audionirvana, under WASAPI there are no available devices listed, under AISO only the Jplay driver is listed as an option.

You need to use UPnP for that.

That was it. Thank you!!!