Getting USB audio from an other computer

Hello All,

I have seen that there is a thread with a somewhat similar topic but I prefer to open another one since my case is a little different.

We have a dance room and I play the music from a Mac app called Djay pro 3 from the Mac book pro via USB to the wonderful DAC SMSL M300 that @bitracer recommended me and this has taken the sound of the room to another level.

Unfortunately I can’t pass the sound through Audirvana for some reason this is not allowed as it is not a streaming app. This is a pity because Audirvana separates the instruments much better and the music breathes deeper.

But we have two Macbook Pro’s so the question I want to ask is:

Is it possible to use the USB audio output of a Mac and put it into another Mac with Audirvana and then output it via another USB to the SMSL M300 DAC?

Thanks in advance,

I’m glad you like the DAC. Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. Few people already explored this, typically coming from professional audio.

You should ask yourself whether Audirvana is able to replace the other app you’re using completely. Maybe you can import all the music in the Audirvana library and work with playlists and queue.


Yes, really one of the best purchases of the last times the DAC SMSL M300, everyone who comes to dance tells me that now it sounds better.

If Audirvana had Cue point start and end and a small 10 second crosfade it would be enough.

But I don’t know if this is possible or even if it is part of their future plans.

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