Ghz Canopener VST

This is a good VST and does work in Origin… until changes are made to the VST settings and I hit save. The screen then locks up and Origin crashes. If I don’t make changes and leave the default in then eveything is fine.

Any advise?

Hi @ejames Don’t know if this will help as i use the AU Version through Studio on my MacOS.

When i add it to the Processing Menu there is a tick box “Real time Control”. This allows me to change the settings when playing music. I do note that if you are using High Levels of Upsampling (on my older iMac anyway) the CPU usage can can a bit high, but super efficient on new M2 MacBook. Hopefully that might help you…

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Thank you! I have an 8yo PC but it does ok so far.
I dialed down the oversampling and deleted Ghz and installed it again. No go. I ended up deleting Ghz and then deleted Audirvana Origin.
Restarted and installed Audirvana and Ghz again. Now everything is working!
Thanks for your help!