Give us a way to import ALL playlists at once from v. 3.5

It would really be great if we could finally have an ability to import ALL playlists at once in version 3.5 to Audirvana Studio. It’s just too tedious to do one at a time. Thanks.

They are, you aren’t supposed to do anything, when you open Audirvana Studio for the first time, all your playlists from your previous version are already there.
You might have experienced a bug here.

To my knowledge they never announced the change and I haven’t seen any comments regarding the new capability, which was high on many people’s desire list. In any case if it has been implemented, then it came at a bad time for me. I had just moved on from the computer I was using to a new one. The old machine had version 3.5 & I started the new machine with Studio. I’ll look into a re-install maybe.

If you are referring to local playlists, I installed Studio the very first day of its release and all my playlists were imported automatically from 3.5 to Studio (macOS versions), all gathered in the playlist menu without any input from my part.
Maybe we’re not talking about the same thing then, because it was flawless from day one and it’s the expected behaviour.

This is an automatic process made by Studio if it detect a 3.5 database in the default folder of the app. If you moved your database to a different location, it may not work.

There is no actual option to export all of your playlist at once but this automatic process allows you to switch from 3.5 to Studio seamlessly.

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