Grouping Tag Request

Hey @Damien @Antoine
Can you PLEASE make a change to the way the UI displays Grouping info?

Right now, if a track utilizes the Grouping tag, it is always displayed directly in front of the track title.
This really gums up the display, and is unnecessary to display in this spot. It can always be selected in the column display if the user needs that info (like Bit Depth, or Genre, or File Type etc.)

It would make for a much better visual experience if you did not always have the grouping displayed in front of the track title.

Cheers for taking the time.
Anyone else who agrees? Chime in.

In the images attached, I am featuring a band called “Zopp
The genre is Progressive Rock, and the grouping is Canterbury Scene.
As you can see in the pics… “Canterbury Scene” appears before the track title.

On multi-disc albums, it also displays below the Disc # for disc 1, which is also a little wonky.
See picture featuring Emerson, Lake & Palmer album below:

Dear Giant Porpoise,

For a number of years now, music files metadata allow fields for Work and Movements, that can be used in classical music files or any other programmatic music files.

Before that, some people used the Grouping metadata to store the Work, and the Title/Name metadata for the Movement. Audirvana adopted that convention at the request of some users, and still uses it and there is no way around it, apart from not using the Grouping metadata at all.

It proves quite inconvenient to those who wish to use the Grouping metadata to store other type of information about their music files.

It is quite regrettable that after so many years, no provision has been made to offer an opt out of this legacy functionality.

Ideally, the use of the Work and Movement metadata should be implemented, but clearly, it does not appear to be a priority for the developpers.

Ah… I see that now.
It’s too bad, with Work and Movement and so many other fields available in modern meta tags, that A) Grouping can’t be used the way I was hoping, or B) that there aren’t tags for “Style” or “Record Label” or “Country” all of which would be incredibly useful for finer granulation in sorting the music. Especially in using smart playlists.

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