Guide for use with Topping D70s MQA

Hello community. I am new on Audirvana.
My DAC is a Topping D70s MQA, OSX, Marantz SR8015 (input CD Analog with RCA connectors).
My OSX recognize the DAC without problem, but AUrdivana can´t use the DSD512, only until DSD256. How Audirvana can use the full capability of the DAC? What is the best practice or recommendations for use in this configuration? May I can use the new mini MAC, Apple Silicon?

Thank you in advance for all the guide and patience.

Al Ve

If you want to go beyond DSD256 you’ll need a Windows computer with ASIO driver.

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Ok.Thank you. OSx - Aurdivana configuration is limited to DSD256.

Mac configuration is limited to DSD256 not Audirvana :slight_smile:

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