Harmonizing Databases

Hi, all. This is my first thread – I haven’t seen this specific issue, but if it has been addressed, I’d be grateful if someone would point me to that thread. This is for a new installation of A on a MacBook Air.

I have two large music libraries. One is on a NAS and the other on an external hard drive connected to the MacBook. The databases are mostly, but not completely, identical. I’ve synched the hard drive and would like to synch the NAS to pick up any missing files, but I don’t want to create duplicates. Will A recognize the duplicates and not synch them, or is there something specific I need to do to avoid duplicates? Thanks for being out there to ask, folks!


Audirvana will take the files as they are, if there is duplicates of the same track, it will appear in Audirvana.

You’re better off merging the files on a file lever before mapping it in Audirvana. You can use something like rsync.

Thanks, Damien. I’m glad I asked before syncing both!

Thanks for responding. This isn’t something I’m familiar with but that sounds like it’s worth doing. Would you mind telling me a bit more about how to do what you’re describing? Thanks again.

Here are some tips on how you can achieve this without using fancy tools:

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