Having trouble setting DAC MQA options please help

I am very new to this Hi-Fi game. I am using a DAP Hiby R6 Pro as my DAC. On the website it says its MQA capable, but I am not sure if I should set it as a renderer or decoder or what can someone please tell me what the right settings are? Thank you.


An MQA Core Decoder is the software and the Render is the hardware.
If you are using Tidal in Audirvana, you should set the Hiby as MQA Render. Like this, Audirvana does the first unfold, and Hiby does the 2nd and the 3rd unfold.
If you have MQA files on your Audirvana library, it works the same: set the Hiby as MQA Render and Audirvana acts as the decoder.
There are devices that are called MQA Full Decoder (not sure if Hiby is) and basically they there care of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd unfold.
Hope it helps.

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Yes thank you so much.