HD Tracks analyzed showing not HD?

Can someone with knowledge and easy language tell me if those downloads are HD or not?

Yesterday i clicked to check a Rush Album just for fun… 2112,
in 24/192 and the profile said Dubious… WTF!!!

i then downloaded Fly By Night by Rush in 24/96 and that version told it is HD,
not the 24/192 i have, ARF!!

Today, i just tried some albums… not many in fact, those were the same!!
What does it means? is Audirvana miss interpret? or those not real HD files…

you can click the picture twice… at least me to see it bigger…

Either HDTracks cheated you, which I doubt, or AS is wrong.

Damien explained in the podcast of Audiophile Style, that the algorithm that does this analysis was developed by IRCAM, and that IRCAM hopes to improve it through their collaboration with Audirvana. If they think that it should be improved, it means that it’s still perfectible.


Hi - I have searched for an HD version of Airto Moreira - Free, and I could not find it. Where did you purchase this? I think it is possible that the source is the issue.

He said he bought them from HDTracks.

That is where I started and couldn’t find that particular “Free” high res album. Is there geofencing on these, can other find it? This is why I asked the OP where they bought it because from my side it is not there.

i didn’t say where they are from…

i don’t want to start a thing about web sites selling hires not hires,
only want to know what it means bandwidth not hd…
i know i can see the 24/192 in Audirvana,
but, can numbers be in a file without being it ?

They might be “containerized” as high-res but the original source is of a lower resolution - not sure if that’s what the analysis is picking up.

You created a confusion by writing HDTracks, which is the name of a music seller.

My title have a space between HD and Tracks :grinning:

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I have had suspicions some “HD” albums are simply upsampled from 44.1/16.
This feature seems to confirm this and is , for me, the single most useful feature of Studio.

This little space makes the whole difference. That’s why you have doubts that they are real Hi res. :grinning:

I think the song you have is upsampled - nobody seems to have it in HD. Having said that the algorithm is not flawless.