HDMI Output from Mac Mini only 96kHz


i connect my Mac Mini (2011) with HDMI to my
Pionner VSX-LX 503. Mac mini use MacOS Highsierra. But i get only 96kHz Output to my AMP. I use Audirvana 3.5“ with connection to Qobuz. Is it possible to get the full 192kHz ?

Hello @Pat-1,

Can you go in your audio midi setup app of Macos and check if you have the 192kHz frequency available? If it’s not the case this means it’s a limitation of your Mac Mini.

Yes, i have check the midi configuration. Only 96kHz.

This then means it’s a physical limitation of the HDMI port. To be sure about this, you can ask Apple if it’s the case for your Mac Mini.

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