HDTracks Download Syncing

I recently downloaded the new Mark Knopfler album in 192/24. Seemed to download fine, however when I to synch it to the library it only synched the first song. I redownloaded the album and still no joy. I went into my Mac’s hd and it was there. Interestingly, and purely by accident, I double clicked the second song, and since it’s ALAC, iTunes played it. I went back to Audirvāna and lo and behold that song appeared. So did the 2nd, third, fourth and so on all after I clicked on each one. So I had all songs. All files are .m4a. I might also add is that the first time I opened the file on the HD, all songs, except the first were grayed out. After the re-download the were all black. Playing on an ancient MacBook Pro.

Hi @F1vecreeks,

That’s strange; where did you store the tracks? Is it in the iTunes folder?