Headless Server & Audirvana Studio

I already sent this issue via the feedback channel, but I think it would be interesting to address this topic in the forum as well. I am using a headless Mac mini as audio server and an iPad and iPhone (iOS 16) as Remote. Unfortunately my experience is not as robust as I had hoped for. My main issue is, that Audirvana Studio does not handle well when a Mac goes to sleep. Waking up the Mac and using the Remote would result in a lot of confusion regarding if and what is actually playing where and shown in Remote. Input in the Remote is unreliably registered (or not) in Audirvana Studio. There are some workarounds, but sometimes the only solution is to go back to the Mac and restart Audirvana Studio. As far as I know, the developers are able to reproduce this and hopefully will find a solution. Nevertheless I think two features would be really helpful in Remote. Being able to 1. Restart Audirvana Studio via Remote. 2. Wake Server via Audirvana Remote (Wake on LAN).