?Help connecting

Hi…I am using an I mac.My apartment doesn’t have a router…I connect to an xfinity hotspot that is close to my apartment.I pay xfinity a monthly fee, and have a password.My Imac , and android phone both automatically connect to the wifi.But, when running Audirvana on my phone, it won’ t recognize my Imac.I have done all of the advise given by Audirvana , to enable my Imac to be seen.So is there a way to set up a wireless network with a travel router, so my phone and Imac can talk to each other, and I can use my phone to remotely control Audirvana on my Imac? What hardware would I need for this?Thanks

Yes, you can use something like this:

or this, a bit cheaper:

Thanks…and so a wi fi extender wouldn’ t work…but one of these travel routers should…( I basically don’ t know the difference) …Thanks