Help! No playback on cxn v2

I am a very happy audirvana user over the last years. I have a dragonfly connected to my mac mini (2011), and both playing tracks on my hdd as streaming tidal hifi works fine. Now I have problems when streaming tidal to my cambridge cxn v2, using audirvana. The cxn keeps on “pause”, or restarts, looking for network connection. When streaming spotify content From my mac via my wired network to the cxn, it just works fine. I have the latest firmware on my cxn, no early upgrades, and the latest version of audirvana. Mac mini is with high sierra, 10.13.6 software. Am I missing something? Need to adjust e few settings parhaps? I am confused…! Please help, maybe add a step by step settings guide for a dummy like me?

Hello @Dali, we had other feedback from user of Cambridge Audio device with UPnP issue . They are aware of it as they will improve the UPnP implementation of their device, here are the mail of one our customer got from them:

Our engineers are aware of discrepancies in the UPnP implementation and we hope to address this in a future update.
Please be a little patient, as a result of the measures taken to control Corona Virus, our projects are all running very late and it may take some time before we catch up.

Feel free to send them a mail to prioritize this fix.

Hello Damien,

Thanks for your reply.
I changed the settings in the Audirvana menu for the Cambridge CXN v2 output; downgraded the pcm rate from 384 kHz to 192 kHz, with no adjustments for bitdepth: 24 bit, and no adjustments for DSD rate: DSD64. Everything works just fine now!
Only…: Cambridge claims on their website a max pcm rate of 384 kHz, or doesn’t this apply for streaming via Audirvana and ethernet?

Kind regards

Actually, according to the user manual, it can accept up to 32/192 and will upsample to 384

Ok, thx for the information, I guess that I initially had put the wrong settings!