Help tagging for total newbe

Sorry I could not find a manual and the intro videos on youtube are too old.
I just began trying out the demo on macOS (High Sierra).
I would like to know how to do a simple thing like this :

  • Open a macOS folder with some m4a’s I already have
  • Obtain the correct tags (track names, album, etc.)
  • Save that into the macOS files
  • Close Audirvana
  • Import these files in itunes and see that they are proprely tagged.
    That should be simple enough, but I could not do it. Maybe I smoked too much iTunes in my early years :wink:

Hello @Nazaire1er,

thank you for your message. Which part of this procedure you need help?

I can open only a macOS folder and see the songs in Audirvana.

Go in audirvana preferences menu and there click option 1 to choose a folder for your music, it will import the albums in it when you click sync the first time, after when you will put albums in that folder again they will be sync automatically. After sync is done you can see windows in track or albums view. Then edit those by clicking on the Tags icon on the right middle border of audirvana window. When you do tags changes you can see in finder if mac that the date changed on those files… they are now embedded