Help with MacBook Pro MQA

Hi, first post here. I’m trying to figure out if I need Audirvana or not, as I didn’t purchase it yet.

What I’m trying to do is get MQA from Tidal to my Topping D90 MQA dac, through my late 2013 MacBook Pro via USB. I can get a bitrate as high as 762 kHz out of the dac this way but no MQA. I have to admit, that I really don’t hear a difference between a bitrate of 192 and 762 bitrate, but I do like what MQA does for my music.

Would Audirvana help me out, or is there something I’m missing in my MIDI settings.

This is a little frustrating, because I can get it to play nice from all of my other idevices, and I would like to get the first unfold to my dac also.

Thanks, and I appreciate the help.

Mysteriously this morning it starts passing MQA to my dac. I tried to disconnect and connect several times yesterday, but whatever happened overnight solved it.

Still thinking about purchasing Audirvana.

You just need to make sure that in the MQA settings, you select MQA Decoder. That’s it.

Thanks. I think I’m going to give Audirvana a try.

Hopefully the app for mobile to control my Mac works as advertised.

Thanks again.