Here is a list of a few annoying things on Remote

Dear all,

Here is a list of a few things I would like to be fixed on Remote (Using it from an Ipad pro 11").

  • Looking at the content of a playlist, and clicking on the « … » button displays a menu but at the bottom of the page, making it difficult to use.

  • When displaying the content of an album, clicking on the « … » button leads to a crash (Portrait and Landscape mode).

  • Changing the audio parameter (More generally speaking, it’s about accessing the « configuration page ») requires to first open the ‘playing ‘ page. That could be easier to have such configuration page accessible from the main page.

  • Sometimes when playing an audio file (But I checked and this is also affecting the main interface of AS), the app looses track of where it is and progress bar is not refreshed any more.

  • When browsing through the list of albums, selecting one and trying to come back to the list does not put you at the original location but at a top of the list (Sometimes at another location but not the right one). Very annoying…

Thanks for any feedback

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