Hi just got my Audirvana today!

So I tried the 30 day trial period & just paid for my license today! :grinning: I just wanted to ask how do I adjust my volume in my MacBook? Bec. I’m currently using a old Sony AVR which I lost my remote & paired it with a Schiit Modi 3. Its a pain that I have to get up & adjust the physical volume on the receiver.

" old Sony AVR " will be upgraded :grinning: any suggestions? :grinning:

got it! also got the remote to work :grinning:

What’s the price range you’re looking at? Which speakers do you have?

actually I have an elac debut 5.2 for the budget I’m still pretty open : ) but I don’t want it crazy expensive also

Have you though about the Denon PMA-600:


Or Onkyio A-9110-S:

Or if you prefer British stuff, go for Cambridge AXA35:

all seems to be good suggestions! :grinning: gotta study :blush: at first I was kinda leaning towards on a Emotiva Bas x a-100? any thoughts?

or the Emotiva TA-100?

I don’t have any experience with Emotive products, but I have no doubt they make decent devices.

Go for integrated amplifier, possibly the pure analog one since you already have a DAC. That way you get the best “bang for buck” since the value you’re getting doesn’t get diluted by components you already have.

I think both are integrated? which one do were you referring to? A100 or the Ta100? :blush:

I was referring to A-100, it’s a power amp. The TA-100 is integrated.

The problem with a ‘power amp’ like the A-100, is that you don’t have a proper and flexible preamp in your system, I’m assuming your chain would be:
MacBook -> Modi 3 -> A-100 -> Speakers

While this would work, and produce good (loud) sound, the lack of preamp has significant limitations:

  • No remote to control volume or select inputs (if you have other sources), this also means your system would only play at maximum gain (hence the ‘loud’ comment above).
  • No analog inputs, for many this is not an issue, but if you have or want a turntable, tape, or other device with only analog outputs, you’re out of luck.
  • No tone controls, some consider this a benefit, but for many they’re useful to compensate for room, recording, or loudness.
  • Additional gain, while the Modi would have enough output to drive the A-100 to a significant level, it probably doesn’t have enough to drive it to full output. While this may be plenty loud, it’s better to be able to drive the amp properly.

There a probably other advantages, but these are the basics . While bitracer’s point regarding extra components is well taken, I’d recommend an integrated amp like the TA-100.

Edit: I don’t know if the TA-100 has tone controls.

I meant to advise him to get integrated amplifier without build-in DAC, since he already has a DAC. I fully agree that the best approach is to get an integrated amp. Which one is a question of component matching a some experimentation.

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I think the Emotiva TA100 has a built in DAC would this matter? since I have a Schiit Modi3 already?

You just won’t use the built-in DAC, but you’re paying for it.

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This is where having analog inputs gives you the flexibility to use an external DAC.

Ok… here’s an update I finally settled on a Rouge Sphinx V2 and it awesome! I’m very happy with my setup right now! :smile:

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