Hi Quality Radio Stations links here please for Audirvāna Studio


Here is one of those great quality streams that you can ad with plus sign in Audirvana Studio

Mother Earth radio is another great Flac stream that you can find in search using Audirvana Studio

Please post high quality streams and share here with Audirvana Forum Members !

I have also question here :
Is it possible to add stream like this one above to favourite radio stations ?
I am trying to add this stream marking hearth sign ON, but it wouldn’t add this stream in any way
If I want to play it, each time I have to copy and paste that address

Currently you can create a playlist by copy and paste then go to the queue and add to playlist

This site has a great list with url of hi rez radio stations

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Great info
Thank you !


Check this one
I am finding this stream very dynamic and overall good jazz music selection and sound quality excellent.

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It is like listening to Spotify Premium for free!

Sound Quality of this stream above is insane compare to other jazz stations!

Great radio streams for you !

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Just for your information!
Sometimes you can hear pops or clicks because as far as I know most of the music tracks played on Mother Earth are coming from vinyl records.
It was like this few years ago when they just started to stream on the internet.

I am listening to the music a lot to the point that I am loosing any sense in exploring of streaming services like Qobuz for example or others.Good radio stations are giving me ideas and guidance in my music journey.

On my own I am lost.
Sometimes I am lucky to hear some music that it would be impossible to find on my own.

Than I am trying to explore those artists more based on hearing some wonderful tracks.
Now I am listening to the Mother Earth’s Instrumental channel and tracks and audio quality are amazing!

On their website you can find station playlists ( history)

For Windows users with Dac’s and ASIO drivers Mother Earth radio has special mini player that you can download and extract using 7 zip app
It is showing track being played and album art.
It is working perfectly !

In Flac Great sounding Radio Paradise links for you!


I don’t know about you but sometimes I am getting lost in my library of files and streaming services and I would tune to one of my bookmarked radio stations and I am finding myself greatly entertained by DJ’s choices.

Hi !
I just noticed that Motherearth Radio website started to stream 192khz 24 bit
I don’t know if there is any other radio station streaming that high successfully.
I am streaming from PC to Zen Stream/Dac and it is going smooth.
At first I was thinking that there must be something wrong with my PC or streamer set up because
Zen Dac is showing yellow color for higher resolution streams and I knew that 96/24 should be still green.
I checked Motherearth website and than I found out that they jumped from 96 to 192 khz.

You have to be judge and in free time please post here your observations and opinions about quality of these new speeds.
For sure this is big step ahead in radio streaming quality.

Naim Radio : 3 channels : Naim, Naim Classical and Naim Jazz

Flac 44.1/16

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